What area(s) can I help you and your child with?

Late Talkers/ Speech Delay

The Little Talkers Course is my self-study, exclusive training program that was carefully developed for parents of children ages 0-3 who are ready to learn everything they need to know to help their child understand and USE words to communicate, play, socialize, and thrive...with a proven system and strategy that I've been using for over a decade.

This program will teach you how to figure out what areas your child is struggling in, and build on their current skills to get them communicating the RIGHT way! It is designed for children who are delayed in their speech and language milestones but have no other suspected delays or disabilities.

This program includes LIFETIME access to a comprehensive self-study online course.

Autism/ Neurodiversity

If you suspect your toddler is on the Autism spectrum or just have general concerns regarding their social development, interaction, and play, this intensive parent support program is exactly what you need.

In addition to resources and videos, this program provides one-on-one support and calls, as well as group calls, to give you the most amount of support available as you navigate diagnoses, how your little one learns language, what you can do to help them thrive, and more!

This program is limited to 10 families at a time in order to provide the highest level of support available.

Infant and Toddler Feeding

Feeding skills begin to develop even before birth!

As a parent, helping your child master their feeding development to be healthy, happy eaters can be challenging and stressful.

The thing is, most pediatricians get very little training in feeding and sometimes give "not the best" advice.

With expert support in your corner, you can confidently navigate breastfeeding, bottle feeding, transitioning to solids, picky eating, and more!

These resources are available as downloads or self-study courses, giving you all the tools you need at a low price!

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